Announcing Support for Colombia’s Cultural Heritage Sites

Tauck Ritzau Innovative Philanthropy believes intercultural dialogue, economic development and social health can be achieved through cross-cultural efforts and an emphasis on sustainable community development. From 2021-2022, TRIP will extend grants to 10 heritage communities in Colombia. In partnership with our longtime partners Tourism Cares and Collective Impulse of Bogotá and Medellín, our support ensures these destinations will join Tourism Care’s Meaningful Travel Map for Colombia, a resource which enables travelers to find experiences, products and services that make an impact in the local community. Adding these destinations to one’s itinerary generates positive outcomes for local citizens and proves what TRIP stands behind: that the decisions one makes when traveling can make a difference in the world.

What is this project aiming to achieve?

First and foremost, this project endeavors to realize social transformation and inclusivity. Second, we aim to help promote the success stories of Colombia’s regional social enterprises by leveraging digital platforms, media and the voices of changemakers at the helm of this progress so that they may serve as models for other countries seeking similar change. As the world recovers from the COVID pandemic and seeks a reset geared toward sustainability and inclusivity, TRIP will help community leaders highlight the stories, methods and practices that are moving the needle and proving what is possible.

Why Colombia?

Tourism Cares, the largest nonprofit in the United States focused on sustainability launched its Meaningful Travel Map of Colombia in 2021 in partnership with the U.S. travel industry and ProColombia after assessing the unique strengths in Colombian social enterprises, growth in inbound and regional travel, and readiness for a pivot to sustainable tourism. In fact, Colombia is one of the leading countries with a national Sustainability Policy. Colombia was selected worldwide for the Tourism Cares delegation in November 2021; this fall, leaders from around the world will visit to launch the project and meet with social entrepreneurs.

Who are the key stakeholders?

In addition to Tourism Cares, the project’s lead organization, Collective Impulse is co-directing the project. Collective Impulse is a young, innovative nonprofit dedicated to sustainable impact investments. Their local formula includes vetting social enterprises, using storytelling for business change and supporting entrepreneurs and cultural change agents. TRIP has been grateful and enthusiastic to join these globally recognized leaders in forwarding this project.

We are grateful to Tauck Ritzau Innovative Philanthropy for their support of our dream of “Change Sessions” for the visibility and empowerment of our dedicated communities –  building peace and preserving the cultural heritage of Colombia. Our videos and storytelling are a huge opportunity for Colombia.”

– Collective Impulse CEO Lizeth Riano

Who will benefit from this project?

The 10 heritage communities and social enterprises directly impacted by this project span the country:

Son Bata, Mangle and Moravia Tours of Medellin, Breaking Borders of Bogota, Jaguar Shamans of the Amazon, Rafting for Peace of Caguán, Wasikamas of Nariño, Marimba of the Pacific, Tambores de Lamba of Palenque, Ninha and Bazurto of Cartagena and Chiribiquete National Park, the largest rainforest park in the World.

We are honored and privileged to work alongside such innovate change agents and invite you to join us in supporting the future of sustainable tourism in Colombia.