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    As global citizens, we have witnessed the importance of culture and the promise it holds internationally. Since 2007, we have made multi-year investments around the world in causes working to create viable economic development opportunities and improved quality of life for local communities through the promotion of culture and the preservation of cultural heritage. In addition, we are committed to working in partnership with like-minded organizations and advocates to leverage strategies, technical skills and global networks in support of our mission. By investing in the culture sector, we invest in our shared future as well as a deeper understanding of what makes us unique. When we support culture, we support humanity.

    We’ve consulted on development projects with Presidents, Ministers, Princes and Tribal Chiefs, but our greatest inspiration comes from the people who call these amazing places "home."
    Robin Tauck is a philanthropist and travel business leader committed to creating positive social, cultural and economic change. She is an advocate for the global travel industry’s positive economic impact and the potential of sustainable tourism and public-private partnerships to support environmental conservation and cultural heritage protection.

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    Today, in a largely post-globalized world, we have the chance—indeed the responsibility—to make the most of our unprecedented connectivity and work collaboratively across industries and borders in identifying the people, places and ideas that are making a difference.
    Colleen Ritzau Leth is a specialist in museums, cultural affairs, and international relations. Trained as an art historian, she is a published author and the recipient of numerous research grants for studies on the history of collecting and museum development.

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